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QUEENS’ central London’s only all year round, indoor ICE RINK! plus 12 BOWLING LANES, retro arcades, 2 cafés & MEATliquor Queensway! You can now book with us: Here

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The Coolest Place to have Fun! Guildford Spectrum houses an Olympic sized ice rink which is used by thousands of people each week. Whether you are an experienced ice dancer or a wannabe Flames player, Spectrum Ice is available all year round.

Go to Oxford


Welcome to Oxford Ice Rink – your first choice to enjoy skating on ice, family fun, and stay fit and active in the heart of Oxford. Our popular ice rink can play host to fantastic activities including Skating sessions, Discos, Skate School, Special Events plus much more!

Go to Slough


As part of a £11.2m refurbishment, the ice arena has been transformed into a modern and inviting venue for all ages to enjoy. It addition to the extensive refurbishment works, the facility now boasts a state-of-the-art, 25 –station fitness suite, an adrenaline fueled Clip n Climb experience and a 30 route climbing wall which will challenge both beginners and experienced climbers.

About us

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Go karting on ice is a unique sport which is growing in the UK.

We at karting on ice run a fleet of karts which are specially modified to run on the ice. We travel around running our events at multiple ice rinks around the UK.

Across our team we have over 40 years of karting expertise! And ice karting is the new up and coming sport with a twist.

Our main goals are to provide a thrilling experience to all our customers at all times so everyone always wants to come back for more. We like to build a fun exciting atmosphere at all our events this will be a day you will not forget!

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