December 9, 2017


Below are all the available dates for Karting on Ice, please check below before sending any queries about booking, keep scrolling to see the types of events which can be run during the open sessions.
Please note session time is only when we will be at the venue, on booking you will be given an individual slot within this time. Please email to get you booked in.


These are all Open session bookings, most will be arrive and drive, Other events may also be used depending on interest, all prices are listed below.

Event Name Price Description
KOI Arrive & Drive £39 per driver Take a spin on one of our extreme ice tracks, this event is open so you will be going head to head with both friends and strangers! Each KOI Arrive and Drive session is one hour long, when you arrive we will get you kitted up in your racing gear and introduce you to our team. Once you are ready to go you will need to attend your safety briefing and tutorial, then we’ll get you in position on the ice and begin your 20 minute free driving race! How many laps can you do? we’ll be counting.
KOI Team Endurance £240 per team, Minimum 5 teams, Max 10 This event you must work together as a team to get the most laps to win the race. Throughout the event you must decide on your strategy for driver changes whether you go out there for long stints or short. Remember the aim is to get the most laps out of all your teams to win. The race will consist of 50 minutes on a overall circuit then in to a 10 minute break whilst we change the track in to a more challenging set up for the final 50 minute session. All participants will receive a medal for taking part.
KOI Ice Cold Endurance £75pp (min 5 max 10 drivers) Can you handle the ice for a breath taking 45minutes without coming off? Can you handle the cold? This is the ultimate test of both kart and temperature control. Last one standing wins.
KOI Grand Prix £60 per person(min 12 drivers) In this event every driver will drive in a series of 5 heats all lasting 5 minutes each. After all the heats are completed the top 10 drivers with the most laps will go in to an 8 minutes final to determine the winner. This event includes trophies for the top 3 Plus medals for all participants.

Karting on ice reserve the right to change their prices at any time due to venue prices.